Veggie Protein Pudding – Cocoa & Banana Flavour 350g

Veggie Protein Pudding – Cocoa & Banana Flavour 350g

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It has a smooth texture that is easy to prepare and comes in chocolate and banana flavour. It is an ideal dessert to take with you when travelling and when competing to ensure consumption of a solid amount of proteins and satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty. It is a healthy dessert filled with nutrients.


The new and exquisite Veggie Protein Pudding is a creamy dessert that satisfies your protein needs without sacrificing flavour. Ideal for the sportsman or sportswoman who needs increased protein ingestion or one who simply wishes to look after themselves by eating a healthy dessert.


A proper dessert with a high nutritional level thanks to its ingredients.


  • Peas are a good source of protein thanks to their variety in amino acids with 55% of their protein apt for vegans. They not only help to tone muscle and improve enzymatic functionality by optimising the formation and use of cells but also recover damaged muscle fibres and their functions.
  • Flax seeds increase fibre content and help with digestion. They are rich in healthy fats (above all omega 3), help with tissue regeneration, inhibit inflammation and protect the skin against external attacks.
  • Maca extract provides stimulant and energetic functions, has a high nutritional value containing vitamins and minerals that are ideal in a sportsman’s and sportswoman’s diet. It contains numerous benefits for the organism thanks to its properties that help regulate the endocrine system, boost the immune system, boost libido, reduce ageing and fatigue. It also contains an analgesic effect and is a great source of energy. Consumption of one portion of Powdered Maca is very good because it acts as an adaptogen that helps to maintain calmness during stressful moments, maintain resistance during sports performance and maintain an increased sense of general well-being.
  • A healthy dessert very low in sugars with STEVIA sweetener.
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