VEGGIE ENERGY CAKE – Cocoa Powder + Choco bits 480g

VEGGIE ENERGY CAKE – Cocoa Powder + Choco bits 480g

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Powdered food product made from gluten-free flour. Chocolate flavour.


It makes for an excellent breakfast, snack or dessert and is an ideal meal prior to a competition. It contains 12% protein, is easy to digest and contains no added sugar.


Our Veggie Energy Cake is a lactose-free energy cake made of gluten-free flours making it apt for people with lactose intolerant, celiacs and vegans.

  • Teff flour is the main ingredient used and it contains many highly nutritional properties:
  • Teff is rich in slow-burning carbohydrates and is ideal for sportsmen and sportswomen who seek high performances as it provides fast-burning, long-lasting carbohydrates.
  • Teff contains 8 essential amino acids, especially lysine, an amino acid not commonly found in other cereals particularly in the quantity contained in teff. Lysine is very important as it permits the body to effectively absorb calcium and take advantage of its properties. Teff is a digestive cereal, antioxidant and contains a higher nutritional value when compared to other more common cereals.
  • Its glycemic index is low and has a high fibre content. It contains protective phytochemicals and antioxidants such as ferulic acid, protocatechuic acid, gentisic acid, vanillic acid, coumaric acid and cinnamic acid.
  • Teff contains 17 times more calcium than other cereals (165,2mg/100gr.). Along with amaranth, it is a cereal with the highest amount of iron present (some 10,5gr/100gr.)
  • It is rich in other minerals such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper and phosphorus.


The Veggie Energy Cake contains cocoa and pieces of dark chocolate giving it an irresistibly intense chocolate flavour.


It is ideal to use before a competition as it provides the necessary energy and a required amount of protein (12%). As the nutrients are easy to absorb, this eliminates the risk of any digestive problems occurring before competing or training.


It is very easy to prepare and is the perfect cake to eat at any time of day as a healthy dessert filled with nutrients and low in sugar. It satisfies that sweet tooth without causing a feeling of regret.

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