Vegan Protein Bar 40g

Vegan Protein Bar 40g

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Vegan protein bar in three flavours: Cocoa with Cashew Nuts, Cherry and Chocolate with Orange.


This is a vegan protein bar containing almost 30 % vegetable protein, equivalent to more than 11 g of protein per bar, enriched with superfoods.


Agave syrup, organic food with a low glycaemic index, was used to sweeten the bars, continuing our sustainable trend and use of quality raw materials for better absorption of nutrients.


Palm oil-free and formulated with natural aromas and a high percentage of organic ingredients such as dates, agave syrup, sunflower oil and pumpkin seeds.


The proteins it contains are from peas and rice:

  • Pea protein, with a high proportion of essential and non-essential amino acids, is the richest natural source of arginine, renowned for its significant contribution to the repair and growth of muscle tissue. Pea protein has high bioavailability and digestibility, optimises tissue formation and tones up muscles.
  • Rice protein is high in nutrients and low in calories. It prevents fatty acids from being stored as it activates lipase in the liver and in the walls of blood vessels.


Available in three flavours and enriched with highly nutritious organic ingredients, they are the perfect healthy snack that can be eaten at any time of day.

  • Cocoa Nibs & Cashew made up of cocoa in natural powder, cashew nuts and organic ingredients such as small pieces of raw cocoa beans, cocoa butter, chia seeds and goji berries.
  • Cherry with cherry flakes and organic pumpkin seeds.
  • Chocolate & Orange chocolate flavour with pieces of candied orange zest and organic pumpkin seeds.
Vegan Protein Bar Flavours
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