Sub-9 Race Day - Monodose

Sub-9 Race Day - Monodose

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SUB9 RACE DAY is currently the energy sports drink containing the most carbohydrates per serving. To enable its 82g of carbohydrates and its 332kcal to be absorbed, we have worked to obtain a low-osmolarity drink by using Cyclodextrin and Palatinose as its main ingredients. These latest-generation carbohydrates are more efficient at replenishing glycogen in the body:


  • They provide a prolonged, perfect release of energy during and after exercise.
  • Fewer insulin peaks, favouring the use of glucose at cell level over a shorter period of time and maintaining blood sugar level for longer.
  • Rapid gastric emptying thanks to its high molecular weight and low osmolarity, favouring digestion and reducing secondary gastrointestinal effects.
  • Does not inhibit fat combustion.


Provides practically 1g of BCAAs in an 8:1:1 proportion with extra Leucine per serving.


The combination of these essential amino acids is perfect for endurance sport given that:

  • They provide metabolic energy for the muscles.
  • They preserve glycogen levels.
  • They have an anabolic effect (mainly thanks to leucine), actively participating in the process of muscle recovery.


Contains 230mg of L-Carnitine, derived from L-carnitine L-tartrate, which is a stabilized form of L-carnitine. Its absorption speed is slightly higher than in other forms of L-carnitine.


  • It helps to transport long-chain fatty acids to cellular mitochondria, increasing the supply of energy to the muscles and favouring increased blood flow in the area.
  • Increases the production of ketones that prevent protein catabolism.
  • Saves up glucose and muscle glycogen to improve performance and recovery while reducing damage to muscle tissue.


Provides 460mg of Sodium derived from the use of sea salt. In hot temperatures and high humidity, it can be supplemented with extra sodium, preferably using capsules, at a rate of 1g of sodium per litre of water.


SUB9 RACE DAY is suitable for vegans. It comes in a single-dose format with a mild lemon flavour. Box of 9 sachets

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