Race Day Bar 40g

Race Day Bar 40g

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Race Day is a variation of the Endurance Fuel Bar BCAA’s, as it is thinner, and very easy to carry and chew.


The main characteristics of this bar are:

  • Smaller size and 40 g in weight.
  • The amount of figs has been increased and the dates have been reduced, thereby controlling the glycaemic index and providing energy but reducing insulin peaks.
  • One bar contains 124 kcal and between 21 and 25 g of carbohydrates depending on the flavour.
  • The nuts have been taken out so that it is easier to eat and digest.
  • It has pumpkin seeds that give it a crunchy touch and provide healthy fats and proteins.
  • With organic ingredients like pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil and sultanas.
    A vitamin complex with 10 vitamins has been added providing 50% of the NRV.


Available in 2 varieties and 6 different flavors:

BCAAs in 8: 1: 1 ratio (Leucine +):

  • Dark chocolate: with natural cocoa powder, organic chocolate chips and natural chocolate aroma
  • Apple & Cinnamon: with organic chopped dried apple, organic cinnamon powder and natural apple aroma
  • Banana & Ginger: with banana flakes, organic ginger powder and natural banana aroma.



  • Citric Lemon: with powdered lemon, lemon flakes and organic dark chocolate chips.
  • Coffee & Cocoa: with 100% Arabica soluble coffee, natural coffee aroma and organic dark chocolate chips.
  • Strawberry: with strawberry powder, natural strawberry aroma and white chocolate chips.
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