NEO BARS are 50 g protein bars that provide about 23 g of protein per bar and less than 1 g of sugar.


A reformulation of the previous one that has been given a crunchy touch and new flavours.

  • The protein comes from ingredients such as milk protein isolate and hydrolysed collagen protein, thus increasing the uptake of amino acids.
  • They contain glycerin that has a moistening function when used in food. On a sports level, it helps to achieve a state of hyperhydration, so it can help to maintain hydration levels in athletes so they can maintain their level of performance.
  • Soya nuggets give it a crunchy touch as well as adding vegetable protein from pulses.
  • Enriched with 57 mg of magnesium per bar, contributing to the optimal functioning of muscles and their protein synthesis.
  • And a mix of added vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamins B3, B6 and B1.


In 4 flavours:

  • Dark chocolate Crunchy: with cocoa powder and covered in dark chocolate.
  • White Choco & Strawberry Crunchy: strawberry flavour and covered in white chocolate.
  • Coconut & Chocolate Crunchy: with grated coconut and covered in dark chocolate.
  • Peanuts & Chocolate Crunchy: with peanuts and covered in milk chocolate.

Neo Bar 45% Protein 50g

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£45.12Sale Price
£1.88 per 50 Grams
NEO BAR Flavours

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