Endurance Fuel Bar – 60g

Endurance Fuel Bar – 60g

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Especially recommended for outdoor and indoor endurance activities.


New formula: Dried fruits have been replaced by fruit powder removing sulphites. Natural flavourings have been used to enhance the flavours and rosemary has been added as an antioxidant.


6 Flavours to choose from:

  • Coffee & Cocoa: A combination of coffee and chocolate chips.
  • White Choco Bits Strawberry: Natural strawberry flavour combined with white chocolate chips.
  • Citric Lemon: An amazing combination of grated lemon peel and chocolate chips.


Essential amino acids proportion has been modified to 8:1:1 (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine).

  • Dark Chocolate: Now with more quantity of almonds and full chocolate flavour without covering to make the intake easier under conditions of heat.
  • Apple & Cinnamon: Irresistible apple and cinnamon flavour. Easy to digest due to its texture and composition.
  • Banana & Ginger: With banana flakes to enhance the flavour and the newly incorporated ginger. The perfect combination.



Gluten-free product. Mainly composed of dates, dried figs, rice flakes, raisins, almonds, rice syrup, amylopectin from maize, fruit powder, natural flavours, vitamin complex and rosemary extract as antioxidant.

Box of 24 bars.

Endurance Fuel Bar – BCAAs Flavours
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